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About Us

At Home Organic Farms was started because we could not understand why people were not growing their own organic food. It is impossible to miss the push by consumers to more 'organic' local products and nowhere is that more prevalent then in the food we eat. Do you remember what the organic food section looked like a few years ago at your local grocery store? Now it’s at least 25% of the produce section and there are entire stores devoted to organic food. 

In almost every country in the world people grow their own organic food, but in the GTA home gardens are a rarity. We are seeking to change that. 


We bring more than 20 years of experience in outdoor growing and landscaping.  We are voracious gardeners. We are fans of the local 100 kilometre diet movement and regularly go out of our way to support local food producers - even in December. We are also accomplished cooks and love to cook right from our own backyard.

Derek Ratcliffe

Founder and Head Gardener

Derek grew up in the family lawncare business, is a 17-year of the Canadian Armed Forces, and a certified Yoga Instructor.  He founded At Home Organic Farms more than a decade ago to help bring people back in touch with their food.  He also has the distintion of having the most dirt under his nails of anyone he knows.

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