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Let Us Get Our Hands Dirty For You


We offer maintenance packages to assist with every stage of your development from occasional visits to weekly ones and everything in between. 


And the best news is, the more visits you take from us, the more you'll save.


Let us be a part of your success and put our pros to work for you. 


Regular Maintenance Visits
  • Packages start at only $500 per year

  • Each visit includes watering (must have a local water source available), pruning, weeding, harvesting, sowing, turning soil and more as applicable

  • Maintenance visits can be increased, decreased, added or removed at any time

  • Sign up for a whole season and save.  View our price list for more details


Our spring clean up offers:
  • Till soil and prepare for growing season

  • Add soil amendments (ie. compost) 

  • Cool season crop planting (ie. lettuces, radishes, beans)

  • Warm season crop planting (*when taking a maintenance plan)

  • Check the soil PH (*optional)


Our fall shut down offers:
  • Remove all spent vegetation

  • Dig in soil amendments (ie. compost, leaves)

Book a free consultation

and receive a customized garden plan at no charge

416 557 6087

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