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School and Daycare Programs. Planting the seeds for a healthier tomorrow.


It is not hard to see that there exists a relationship between children and the earth.  We all remember making mud pies garnished with rocks (yum!) and playing outside as children.  Our world these days is dominated by screens and technology which slowly disconnects us from the out doors.  We believe that harnessing a child's thirst for discovery with the magic of gardening is an easy way to develop a lifelong appreciation for where our food comes from, and in turn, healthier eating habits.


One of our goals is to promote organic sustainable agriculture.  We believe that children play a vital role in achieving that goal. We think it is necessary that children learn about where our food comes from. 


Our Schools and Daycare programs will be customized to the individual organization depending on age and curriculum goals.  


Our hands on learning programs teach plant and leaf identification, simple gardening techniques, plant care, and much more.

More advanced students partake in age appropriate discussions about local food issues, the 100km diet, the global food system, and sustainable agriculture.


Our programs provide the real skills required for self sustainability, as well as the tools to respect and care for our planet.


Please contact us or give us a call at 1-888-756-1738 for more information.

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