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Faster. Better. Less Space. Less Water. Anywhere.


Whether you're looking to optimize your growing methods, or can't grow using traditional methods (say you're in a condo for example) than the Tower Garden is for you.


Grow 30% More

Grow up to 28 different plants in just one 9 sq ft Tower Garden.


Grow 3X Faster

Optimize the growing conditions (light, water, nutrients) to get faster (way faster results)


Use 98% Less Water

Tower Garden has a large water resevoir that cycles water through the unit giving your plants just enough water to establish healthy root systems, and recycles the unused water for extended use. No daily watering required! Replenish the resevoir as little as once a month. 


Takes up 90% Less Space

The Tower Garden's unique vertical design fits a traditional 4' x 8' garden (plus the root system) in just a 3' x 3' growing space.


Can Grow Virtually Anywhere

Condo dwellers and north facing homes rejoice.  The Tower Garden, equipped with a lighting kit will get you growing virtually anywhere!


Pays For Itself

An independent study found that a Tower Garden can pay for itself in as little as six months. Sounds like a smart investment, right?



​Get Started Today

We are here to help you get the most out of your Tower Garden too! 

  • Product ordering

  • Delivery and setup, 

  • Cleaning, maintenance, and starting again, 

  • Re-ordering supplies or experimenting with different growing techniques


Additional products and services we offer: Click on one of the links to learn more.

  • Heirloom Seeds and Seedlings

  • Delivery and Setup

  • Care and Cleaning 

  • Tower Garden Equipment & Resupply 

  • Instructional Classes

  • Tower Gardens for Condos

  • Tower Gardens for Restaurants


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